Roboforex launches a service of CFD trading for the Bitcoin

Another brokerage firm international comes into the ecosystem Bitcoin. In fact, Roboforex has added the possibility to achieve a CFD trading on their platform. This means that customers will have an indirect exposure to the Bitcoin, and will be able to speculate on the short, and the gains of Bitcoin.

New options trading

The company has also added the Ethereum among their trading option available. The company has also decided to add new crypto-currencies based on the interest of the customers and the market. The company will pairs trading BTC/USD and ETH/USD. The couples are available now. A press release from the company indicates also that the partners of the company would get a portion of their commission in the CFD orders of crypto-currencies. Customers and partners can find couples of trading terminals MT4 and MT5 with Roboforex.

The growth of Bitcoin has spurred investors and traders

Like most other brokerage companies that have started their incursion in the ecosystem of crypto-currencies, the price of Bitcoin has triggered a craze with investors curious. However, most of them do not have an informed knowledge of Bitcoin, and many people prefer to start via CFD. The fact that the price of Bitcoin has nearly tripled over the last eight months has reinforced this popularity. This interest is what led the director of Roboforex to allows trading cfd for the Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Heads does one to one trading of mass-market crypto-currencies ?

The press release Roboforex supports that these are the spectacular turnover and the increase in the volume of transactions around the Bitcoin that have been the main reasons for the rise of the trading of crypto-currencies. Currently, the trading volume for BTC/USD daily reach approximately $ 3 billion of It is probably for this reason that regulated companies such as ETX Capital (London) are interested in the trading of crypto-currencies. This means that there will likely be a continued influx of new businesses that will adopt the Bitcoin and the trading of crypto-currencies in general.

Source : Cointelegraph