Route of an investor in cryptos

While the market is slowly starting to regain consciousness, here’s the little story that brought me into the wonderful world of crypto-currencies. Regrets, joys, disappointments… forget the traditional investment vehicles, it is a world apart. Trying it is adopting it, as they say, even though this is not without risk. Hearts are fragile, do not you. Bulimic adrenaline, you’re in for a treat !

My beginnings in crypto : a case for vegetables

Initially nothing predestined me to invest in crypto-currencies. Since 2008, I have been combining the setbacks in the bank (I’m up to three occurrences of blocked account as a result of small cash flow problems to my different institutions ; how do I do ? I have no idea, he must believe that I bring good luck). This makes me interested in the economy, the monetary policies. What I have discovered has plunged me into a dread total, much worse than a correction of Bitcoin of 50 %. I’ll spare you the details, but I’m starting to invest in gold.

All good goldbug who respects himself reads Zero Hedge. It is through this media that american iconoclast that I discovered Bitcoin. “Being my own bank” ? This is a proposal that appeals to me. Seeing as I also love technology (at the time, my previous career of computer programmer was still fresh), I start to dig into the subject and discovers the mining. I buy some of this not two graphics cards, a good power supply to support the load and a motherboard. The whole is mounted on a crate for vegetables barely own by using wrap. I turn on my ” rig ” well-rotted with a screwdriver. I don’t have a photo, it is a pity. This work of contemporary art makes money. The world is crazy.

cagetteYes, this type of crate ! Source Pixabay

But the experience stops after a few months. I forgot the reason. Roar of the ventilos (or panic, will no longer be heard, it was planted !) ? Electricity bill that substantially increases ? Crash of Bitcoin ? I do not know. I converted everything that I had harvested with my rig in Litecoin, Feathercoin and Ice in Bitcoin, I put it on my portfolio and I will continue my life. I am, by far, the moral turpitude of Bitcoin, I use this for online purchases of video games (if I had known at the time that to pay for my keys in BTC would be in the end more expensive than the physical version paid in euros…). Because yes, at the time it was not necessary to wait 5 hours for a transaction is either committed or to pay a fee to 2 digits. It was a long time ago. Then, one fine day, my MultiBit crashes. This is not the first time, but the reset of the chain of blocks gives nothing. I finished it up.

Bitcoin loses the ball in 2017

Then comes 2017, a year completely crazy for Bitcoin. BTC crossed the bar of 1 000 $, and then of 2 000, 3 000. The more it climbs, the more the increase is accelerating. Investors in cryptos rejoice, those who cannot blainey BTC are mad with rage. “Look, it is worse than the bubble in tulips. This is outrageous, everything is going to blow up, run away… ” On Zero Hedge, it is the trench war between the goldbugs, hardcore and other. Those who are predicting Bitcoin to $ 10,000 by the end of the year are crazy.

To be honest, I was a part of it. I said to myself : “the guys have lost the head, it is time to pocket sousous, it’s going to fart. “As if by a miracle, I found the solution to my problem of wallet. Towards a platform for exchange to retrieve my money.

And there was light

Before withdrawing money, I begin to immerse myself in this crazy world. I have a hard time believing what I discovered. Next to Bitcoin and jokes like Doge, the world of “crypto-currencies” has evolved into a rich ecosystem that is every day new applications to the technology of records distributed. I’d missed something huge ? The more I dig and the more I want to slap the head against the wall to have ignored an opportunity that was offered to me over the years. The coverage is partial and biased the media is in part responsible, however, I knew well that I couldn’t count on them to have relevant information. I do not deny that there are things that are completely overrated, but there are also amazing opportunities. However, this is not what I like the most in the crypto-currencies. Look for the little jewels in the midst of all that fascinates me, but it is especially the community of crypto-currencies that I find fascinating.

“To the moon, when lambo…” to ” this is the end “

When I landed on the forums dedicated to crypto-currencies, I don’t believe my eyes. I have the impression of finding myself in a huge sandbox in which children play with are incredible. Understand me, I’m basically an investor in gold, somebody who is accustomed to rely on the fundamentals, to play on the long-term and patience. I am confronted with people complaining that an investment in the currency Gadget has reported that 10 % in 3 days. Every investor makes more or less part of a community with which he identifies himself. I find it childish. The GIF of a rocket from take off to the Moon, the Lamborghini, and other memes… and Then we take to the game, it takes the second degree, it is fun.

Club autocongratulation to support group

In December, the value of almost all crypto-currencies is exploding. It congratulates, it is already planning what we will do with our future profits. And then father Christmas arrived with his correction, and his red numbers by the thousands. We ranked the combinations of cosmonaut in the closet, up to the industrial distribution of Prozac. Forum autocongratulation, CryptoCompare becomes a support group such as Alcoholics anonymous. “Hello, I’m called Joachim. I also have invested in XRP ” (note : this is a punchline, I had the chance to get out of XRP to time ; but don’t worry, I have taken many slaps on other things).

The small guys like you and me who thought to be geniuses for trading on the pretext that they had made a lot of money during the greatest bull market in the history of finance are now grey. It is the fault of Bitcoin, it is the fault of the Koreans, it is the fault to Tether or to Foo : choose your scapegoat. Apparently, many have not followed the counsel elementary, which is to not invest more than you can afford to lose. It’s starts up, and then in January we are treated to much worse. Some throw in the towel. Professional traders rub their hands.

I play with my profits Bitcoin-and a few euros that I have injected like if I pariais on the victory of le Touquet-Paris Saint-Germain in the coupe de France. Of course, the prospects of profit are interesting. But for me, cryptos are simply become a passion. More than the explosion of the bubble, it is the end of recess that this would cause that scares me. Looks like Lafesse… as long as it lasts !