Rumors are the Ripple to the naked

On the markets, the value of the Ripple is increasing tremendous. The current success of this crypto-currency is not like the others seems to be due in large part to rumors positive on his account. Try to make the point on what it is in order to see more clearly. Not obvious when the fake news cluttering up the web !

Brief history

The Ripple, programmed in C++ and open source, was born as early as 2012, but its latest version has been launched in 2017. Before any payment protocol, it owes its originality to its founders Arthur Britto, Ryan Fugger, and David Schwartz. Some members of the team were working on a similar project… as of 2004 ! This is called the avant-garde. The full name of this crypto-currency is ” Ripple Transaction Protocol “. It is shortened generally in the “RTXP” or ” RXP “. Here is a small video showing the Ripple :

The interest of the Ripple is to be able to go international settlements gross in real time. This allows you to spend time normal bank and not to pay the fee by international bank transfer. In addition, these transactions are perfectly secure. If Ripple is also, and at the base of a business, this Internet protocol can operate without, thanks to a decentralized network. In addition to this practical side, the Ripple is also the value listed on the markets, like other crypto-currencies.

A nice increase in the Ripple

The Ripple is so early in the month of march 2018, a remarkable improvement. This latter is variable as a function of the platforms, but it will be able to take note of an increase of around 15 % on Poloniex. It has focused on this interface of the Ripple to the value of 1,045 $, that is, beyond a bar particularly symbolic. This is not the first bond of the Ripple, far from it. But some increases in the past have been followed by corrections more or less severe :

The current rise in the price of Ripple is due to rumors positive. While it is difficult to identify the exact source, social networks, and the crypto community speak readily of an addition of the XRP to the famous platform Coinbase. This interface of exchange is especially popular, which could only give a new boost to the Ripple if it was truly selected. For the moment, the two interested companies have not taken the word, so that these sounds are neither confirmed nor overturned.

Anyway, the Ripple remains the third crypto-currency of the planet. After the general decline of crypto-markets, the XRP was able to redépassé the threshold of 40 billion dollars. In 2017, it had been the digital currency the most efficient. But this trend going to continue ?

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