Russia develops a system to identify the miners of crypto-currencies

A Russian ministry is preparing a draft law for the regulation of the mining of crypto-currencies. This device would include a special system to detect minors. In addition, there may also be a tax relief for two years to minors as well as quotas of energy and special rates.

Source : Pixabay. Russia plans to develop a system of identification of minors.

A system for the identification of minors

The Russian ministry of Communications and the Media would develop a system to identify the miners of digital currencies in the country so that they can be taxed, reported vedomosti daily last week. According to this publication, there will be a special system to detect minors. Two people aware of this operation have stated that this information is included in the mining regulations drafted by the minister of Communications. The draft law should be submitted to the state Duma by February 1st.

This is not the first time that the Russian federation is exploring ways to identify minors. In October, the chairman of the Committee on financial markets of the state Duma Anatoly Aksakov has noted the possibility of using the electricity consumption to follow the minors.

The feasibility of this method of follow-up

The department of Energy has estimated that technique, it is possible, but it is necessary to understand that such processes and activities must be economically feasible. Ria Novosti has reported that it would be useful to monitor only the large companies that operate in this sector. Experts have told the newspaper that the main question is how the authorities would detect the accounts of the minors, and not those who watch tv or use electrical appliances.

Source : Pexels, David McBee. The minors will be subject to a detection system in Russia.

Andrey Koptelov, director of the Center for economic research of the University Synergy has indicated that the identification of minors through their power consumption, and internet traffic will be very difficult to achieve. It is virtually impossible to make the distinction between those who consume electricity for a farm or mining a device for domestic heating.

Source : NewsBitcoin