Russia has said it helped Venezuela to launch the Petro ?

Venezuela has launched a few weeks ago, a crypto-national currency called the Petro. However, it seems that the country has benefited more or less secretly advice and especially the support of the Russian authorities.

A partnership concealed

This is the Time Magazine who launched the investigation concerning the possible partnership between Venezuela and Russia. This is not a secret, Nicolás Maduro and Vladimir Putin are very close, and they maintain friendly relations. But this relationship between the leaders russians and venezuelans seem to go further. Indeed, the Kremlin would have simply helped Venezuela to launch the crypto-currency called the Petro. Attention, these are only guesses !

Logo Petro / virtual currency of Venezuela is based on oil reserves of the country.

It is in the month of December last that the president Nicolás Maduro announced that it would allow his country to be freed from the economic sanctions that are imposed to him. He then started an ICO to be very controversial on February 20. This is exactly 38.4 million tokens which have been offered for sale.

A complicated set-up

However, one learns that, throughout the implementation of the project of Petro, two Russians, have been ubiquitous. This is Denis Druzhkov and Fyodor Bogorodsky, and these have also been seen several times with Nicolás Maduro, during the official conferences. The latter would have thanked them for their help in the fight against american imperialism. That said, these men are of Russian origin, but do not live in Russia, and therefore are not authorities.

¡Gran victoria of Vladimir Putin! Felicitaciones a él y al Pueblo de Rusia por la inmensa votación en las elecciones presidenciales.

— Nicolás Maduro (@NicolasMaduro) March 19, 2018

The initiative of Venezuela, therefore, would have clearly been supported by Russia. Vladimir Putin even confirmed the venezuelan president that it was a good idea to run the Petro to circumvent the economic sanctions.

For the moment, the Kremlin did not wish to speak on this delicate subject. However, the russia ministry of Finance has indicated that the financial authorities of his country had never been involved in the development or the launch of the Petro.

We do not know the ins and outs of this story. But it is certain that Nicolás Maduro has special relations with Russia, the latter being rushed to congratulate Vladimir Putin for his re-election.

Source : NCC

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