Russia promises that the regulatory measures will not remove the ICO

The first deputy Russian prime minister, Igor Shuvalov, promised not to allow ICO “to die” in Russia because of the regulations introduced last week. In spite of legislation intended to regulate them, president Vladimir Putin has said that the ICO hold a “huge potential” and that their progress should not be hampered.


Regulations, harmless to the ICO

The first deputy Russian prime minister Igor Choubalov, spoke at a youth forum in Sochi. One of the participants of the forum asked him : “I have a big request to you, please, don’t let our ICO to die because of the regulation. “The deputy prime minister then promised the participants to defend the capabilities and potential of the ICO and to prevent them from” dying “. “You’re absolutely right,” said Shuvalov, noting that different countries are adopting laws to treat it differently than the crypto-currencies. He also confirmed that the government had the intention to regulate the ICO. “We still do not know if it is harmful or not, but we are already trying to control it. If you want to be part of the most advanced countries in this field, we need to create better conditions for our partners, ” he added.

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Russia is clouded by the ICO and crypto-currencies

In Russia, the need to regulate the ICO and the crypto-currencies, as well as the use of technology Blockchain as a whole, have been repeatedly repeated. “The Russian Association of technology, Blockchain and crypto-currencies (RABIK) is drafting a law to regulate the ICO “, said its president Yuri Pripachkin. Then, the president of the public corporation Vnesheconombank (VEB) Sergey Gorkov, expressed in August last, the necessity of determining the position of the ICO in Russia.

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