Russian scientists stopped by authorities for having mined the crypto-currency

Several Russian scientists have just been arrested by the authorities. They would have mined Bitcoins with a computer is particularly powerful, and is present in a nuclear laboratory. This is of course prohibited by law.

A very bad idea

Several Russian scientists working in a nuclear research centre, who have been arrested by the authorities a few days ago. In effect, they are accused of having undermined the crypto-currency, including Bitcoins, with a computer in the laboratory is particularly powerful.

One of the representatives of the Nuclear Center Federal of Sarov spoke to local media, explaining : “We have noticed an unauthorized attempt to use the computer of the centre for private purposes, in particular for what we call the mining. “

Pixabay – Geralt / the scientists have undermined the crypto-currency on their place of work.

The scientists are left to take them at their own game. It was necessary to know that the computer should not be connected to the Internet, to prevent external intrusions. This is a very sensitive and closely watched. Also, as soon as they have connected to the computer workstation, the security service of the nuclear laboratory has been alerted.

Russian scientists under the blow of an arrest

Miner of the crypto-currency may be tempting because this maneuver allows you to generate profits fast and interesting. The computer lab is extremely powerful, the blasting could quickly be interesting.

Pixabay – TypographyImages / It is best to undermine the crypto-currency in and of itself.

Unfortunately, this was not a good idea. Because diverting the facilities of the nuclear research center for a personal profit is prohibited by law. All the more that the venue chosen by the scientists is under close surveillance. You should know that it is in these places that has been designed the first nuclear bomb Russian.

These Russian scientists have therefore been arrested. Ignoring for the moment the penalty they incur. But what is certain is that it is better to undermine it at home.

Source : Bitcoinist