Safe-T-Mini : a new hardware wallet at the top !

The security of crytpo-currencies is a major issue. Some traders may have nightmares the night… The hacking of various platforms in the past what make this a well-founded fear. This can quickly turn to paranoia, such as with the recent multifacturatons of Coinbase… Then how to enjoy optimum safety ? Fortunately, DomRaider and Archos seem to help us with their new hardware wallet called ” Safe-T-Mini “. A name which has already announced the color !

Two companies with extensive know-how

The safe-t-mini is right out of the cell R&D-Archos, an electronics company that is no longer present. The high tech no longer has a secret for her. After MP3 players, digital music players, smartphones, and tablets, among other little gems of technology, Archos is launching today in the wallet for crypto-currencies… His first partner DomRaider, start-up of clermont has made a name in 2017, becoming the first French company to do a fundraiser in crypto-currency (ICO, for the Initial corner offerings), issuing the DomRaider Token. In January, DomRaider has launched a bidding platform on the blockchain. Created in 2013, the company now employs 40 people.

The Safe-T-Mini, a hardware wallet not to be missed

With its jet black and a design elegant, the hardware wallet Safe-T Mini does not shine by its sobriety and its simplicity of use. Diameter of approximately 6 cm, with a micro USB port. Made in France, this portfolio is “material” for crypto-currencies is going to be launched in June 2018. The crypo-traders will be able to acquire it for 49,99 € only ! The objective is clear : to compete with Ledger. PIN Code and sentence of recovery will be at the rendezvous, and the generation and storage of private keys directly by and on the wallet.

To celebrate this newcomer, the firm DomRaider has announced the introduction of a special edition and limited. It will have specific colors for the occasion, and the company is committed to pay 50 € in the DRT (the crypto-currency that it has created) to any purchaser of this version VIP of the hardware wallet ! In addition, it will be possible to discover more before the Safe-T-Mini to the stand Archos-DomRaider of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona from February 26 ! The fans should appreciate it…

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