Security companies offer their services to traders crypto to Moscow

Private security companies in Moscow offer a new service : the protection of people who are exchanging crypto-currencies. The companies have also expressed their willingness to assist the authorities to investigate the crimes related to the crypto-currency. The police still hesitates to operate in this sector, because digital currencies are not always regulated in Russia.

Protection services for Russian investors

Several security companies in the Russian capital now offer services of protection to the investors who operate on the market of crypto-currencies. Very often, the transactions will take place in the street. Most of the time, investors use of mobile wallets. They usually deal with thefts. A growing number of cases of fraud and theft related to crypto-currencies have been reported by the Russian media in recent months.

Check out below a video in English describing a case of kidnapping related to crypto-currencies :

Recently, the Moscow police arrested members of an organized criminal group in Dagestan. These latter have carried out attacks against the investors in crypto. In December, an attack on a 20 year old student with virtual currency worth millions of rubles, made the headlines in Russia. The young man has been kidnapped in a subway station. The threatening with a knife, the kidnappers took him to his home and asked for 100 million rubles ($1.6 million) in crypto-currencies.

15 dollars per hour to access this service protection

The increasing number of thefts and frauds relating to transactions cryptographic contributed to the creation of a new type of security service. Many companies in Moscow are already proposing to buyers and sellers of digital currency. The average price for this type of delivery is $ 15 per hour.

The Russian law imposes restrictions for the services of a personal guard. Thus, in contracts, these companies emphasize the protection of property. According to Natalia Kurovskaya, owner of one of the security companies, the cost of their services depends on the value of the transaction. They charge a percentage, she added.

Source : NewsBitcoin