Several bankers influential turn their back to the monetary system traditional

It would seem that a disturbing phenomenon is taking momentum in the banking sector. Indeed, a number of bankers very influential would have resigned in recent weeks to focus on the crypto-currencies. We speak in particular of Brian Witz, who left Credit Suisse to start a company…

A resignation surprising

Brian Witz is a banker, and influential particularly famous, at least in Switzerland. He worked at Credit Suisse for over five years and have very recently resigned. Also, by viewing his LinkedIn profile, we find now that its main activity is related to the BlockChain and to the boards of investment in digital assets.

Logo of the Credit Suisse / banker impact Credit Suisse has resigned in order to devote themselves to virtual currencies.

There is no doubt that this former banker decided to turn its back on the traditional banking system to embark on the adventure of the crypto-currency. According to some sources, he would have the intention of building a company specialized in the Initial Corner Offerings. Therefore, it is the fundraising that allows start-up to recover some of the funds in virtual currencies.

An international phenomenon

You should know that this example is only one among many others. In effect, the banking system is very suspicious vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies. This leads some professionals to make radical decisions, turning the back to the monetary system traditional.

Pixabay – Designerkottayam / Several bankers influential are turning to crypto-currencies.

The measures taken by some banks to discourage their employees from turning to the crypto-currencies would therefore have ultimately the opposite effect. For example, the financial company UBS requires its employees a request for authorization for trading of digital assets. Nordea Bank it prohibits the research on the technology BlockChain during work hours. As a result of these restrictive measures, many bankers have decided to resign and turn to the ecosystem BlockChain.

There is, therefore, more and more entrepreneurs who were working, however prior to the formal banking sector. The latter have turned to the technology BlockChain. So they have decided to trust in Bitcoin and other digital currencies, is leaving to compete with their former employers. A phenomenon that is intriguing and interesting, which seems to say a lot about the future of the crypto-currency.

Source : Bloomberg