Several customers of Coinbase victims of multi-invoicing

Some investors using the famous platform Coinbase have had a bad surprise. On the 15th February last, by buying Bitcoins, they have been the victims of multi-billing. It seems that this is related to the Visa card, but nothing has been proven to date.

Several cases of multi-invoicing

When you decide to invest in Bitcoin, you must go through an exchange platform, the most famous being Coinbase. You can then choose to either transfer or to the credit card. Generally, when there is a small fee, internet users prefer to use their cards to avoid giving their bank details to a foreign company.

But in recent days, customers of Coinbase have had a bad surprise. They found several invoices on their account. An investor has indicated that they have been charged five times for the same amount. However, it is unfortunately far from being the only one in this case. An American claims to have been charged seventeen times !

No person in charge to this day

Coinbase is quickly pulled out of the silence to speak of these incidents. The matter has been taken very seriously, and Visa has been pointing the finger. In fact, it seems that investors are victims of multi-invoicing have all used a Visa credit card. However, as of February 16, Visa has released an official statement stating that their company was not.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist / Coinbase and Visa are quickly out of the silence, returning the ball.

It is still the case that neither Coinbase or Visa does, therefore, recognises the fault. The victims have been reimbursed. However, one wonders what could be going on. The concern of the investors is fierce these days, the traditional banking system platforms and crypto-currencies, maintaining a relationship is very conflictual.

Hope it was a simple bug and that this type of incident does not happen again in the future.

Source : Capital