Shares of Microcap soared thanks to the growth of crypto-currencies

Three of the four major us assets the most traded have all experienced a major growth thanks to crypto-currencies. Shares of Digital Power Corp, a group specializing in the development of applications for various sectors of activity, which has promised this Monday the publication of a report on the initiative to use the crypto-currency in its unity Coolisys Technologies in the next week, only had a market value of $ 12.8 million Friday. Yesterday, she had more than tripled, around currently to 40 million dollars.

Coolisys, that target specialized products and services that are not likely to be commoditized, concluded in August a partnership with Pow Digital Mining company, mining of crypto-currencies, in order to develop a portfolio of technology and services for mining and digital currency.

The companies benefit from the development of Bitcoin

The various strategies adopted by the companies today are turning more and more towards the use of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin. This virtual currency has seen a historic high in recent weeks. She has also beaten other asset classes this year.

Gerd Altmann, Pixabay

The shares of the company IP Marathon Patent Group, a company selling digital data, have also increased by about a third, having more than quadrupled in value during the past two trading sessions. The market value of this company is now 50 million dollars, making it the third most traded in the United States.

The crypto-currencies, assets a very cost-effective

The IP group Marathon Patent announced in early November that it would buy the manager of crypto-currencies Overall Bit Ventures Inc. The Bitcoin has had a exceptional year, outperforming all other asset classes. It climbed to a record level of 9 721 dollars this Monday, that is, a value multiplied by ten since the beginning of the year.

The market capitalisation of all the crypto-currencies has also surpassed $ 300 billion for the first time, confirms the site Coinmarketcap. The market of digital currencies will continue to grow, say many experts.

Source : Reuters