Sharps Pixley, a british company accepting the Bitcoin as a means of payment

Over the past year, more and more merchants accept Bitcoin as a payment method. Sharps Pixley is the last e-commerce site to accept this digital currency. This company is a broker or dealer in gold, based in London.

This company, created in 1778, is a dealer in precious metals based in the English capital. It is a full member of the London Bullion Market Association. It presents itself as a complete service for investors to buy, store and exchange precious metals. Since its inception there are more than 250 years, Sharps Pixley has shown that he was in step with the times by accepting Bitcoin as a means of payment.

The Bitcoin is considered digital gold

Bitcoin can be called ” digital gold “, but there is still a long way to go before it can compete with the gold. The volume of gold traded each year is estimated at more than $ 22 million. In addition, this market is very diverse. The investors of Bitcoins represent a class of niche market, although the awareness is increasing.

According to the director of the commercial development of the brand, Giles Mable, Sharps Pixley aims to reduce the gap between the common currency and the currency of modern, providing the new and old customers with the means to exchange and diversify the digital currency.

Payment via Bitcoin, thanks to Bitpay

Sharps Pixley will accept Bitcoins for the sale of gold by means of Bitpay. The users will be able to avoid the risk of fluctuations in the price of Bitcoins. The decision not to accept directly the Bitcoin is very wise, given that the specialty of the company is the sale of precious metals.

In fact, there is still a way before the Bitcoin can be used at each stage of the value chain of a product. This evolution, however, is a true breakthrough in the area of crypto-currencies.