Singapore Airlines wants to launch an application based on the Blockchain

Singapore Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, is on the verge of launching a retention solution based on the technology Blockchain in order to improve the experience of travelers. This tool will enable regular travellers to track their expenses. Singapore Airlines (SIA) has made the announcement this week. The launch of this digital portfolio is part of the frequent flyer program KrisFlyer of the company.

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Thus, travelers can easily make their reservation with the business partners of the airline. The application will also be a management tool for travellers.

SIA will deploy its own Blockchain

Up to now, we do not yet have details on this technology, but what is for sure is that the company will deploy its own Blockchain. Partners and travelers will be able to use it. Singapore Airlines has confirmed the successful deployment of the application in the context of a trial. During this test, the airline has collaborated with Microsoft.

The initiative is a recognition of significant technology Blockchain by one of the largest airline operators in the world. The company’s CEO, Goh Choon Phong, said that the launch of this application is expected in approximately six months.

Singapore Airlines, aware of the potential of the technology Blockchain

The Singaporean company is currently closer to different business partners, first in the country, for the loyalty program based on the technology of Blockchain. The initiative of Singapore Airlines to integrate in space in the Blockchain joined a number of other airlines for the adoption of crypto-currencies and this solution.

Source : Pixabay. The airline Singapore Airlines launches an app based on the Blockchain.

Last month, the Brisbane international airport has started to accept digital currencies like the Bitcoin in the shops present in its terminals. Another Polish airline company has already agreed to the Bitcoin in 2015. There is also the Russian airline S7 has started to use Ethereum for the sale of their tickets last year.

Source : NCC