Sites to buy crypto-currencies

Sites to buy crypto-currencies

You want to buy crypto-currency, but you don’t know on which site to go ? No problem, we offer a guide to sites that we prefer to buy the crypto-currency.

The different types of sites to buy the crypto-currency

To be able to buy crypto-currency, you must first choose on what type of site you are going to buy. In fact, there are three different types of sites all of which operate differently. Here they are…

  • The purchase site simple is a site where you can directly buy your crypto-currency. For this, you need to register and verify your identity. You can then buy your crypto-currency paying by credit card, by bank transfer or by using one of the various methods that can be offered by each site.
  • Trading venues and exchange of crypto-currencies allow them to buy, sell and exchange the crypto-currency between private individuals. The sites are fairly close to the traditional Exchange, as the offerings are available in function of the evolution of the price of crypto-currencies. Generally, the registration is free and purchases can be made from 1 euro.
  • Finally, the sites of exchange or conversion are fairly close to the sites of simple purchase. The only difference is that you will need to purchase the crypto-currency using other crypto-currencies. You can not use real money. It is therefore a type of site for which it is necessary to have crypto-currency.

The different sites simple purchase

These shopping sites are perfect for beginners since it is not necessary to have crypto-currency and that they are fairly simple to use. However, some of them do not have a portfolio. You will then need to create one. Of course, this is not an exhaustive list, given that it is intended to give you the sites to purchase simple that we are able to advise you.

  • Inevitably, we find CoinBase, which has emerged as the leading sites simple purchase. This is a portal that is very reliable and easy to use. In addition, it contains a portfolio, which will enable you not only to buy and sell your crypto-currency, but also of the store. It is also very secure since you will need to not only type in a code to access your account, but you can also add a two-factor authentication.
  • Binance is another site, simple purchase that will not have any trouble to satisfy you. It is also very versatile because it allows you to buy and sell the crypto-currency but also the name of the store thanks to the presence of a portfolio. In addition, it is also very secure because it has the technology of two-factor authentication, which you will add a second barrier in addition to the code that you must type to access your account.
  • Among the sites simple purchase, you will find Bitbay. This site will allow you to enjoy reliable service and low commissions on transactions. You can thus buy the Bitcoin and Ethereum paying by credit card or by bank transfer.
  • CoinMama is a site that allows you to buy Bitcoin by credit card. However, to be able to make a purchase, you must at least make a deposit of $ 60. But the site allows you to take advantage of three benefits as it is very reliable, simple to use and translated into French.
  • Finally, BitPanda is a shopping site simple so you can take advantage of an interface simple and understandable. It therefore allows you to buy different crypto-currencies, paying by credit card, by bank transfer or by using a variety of methods of payment.

The different sites of trading and exchange of crypto-currency

You can also enjoy of different sites of trading and exchange of crypto-currencies. However, we do recommend that you use this kind of sites that if you are used to trade crypto-currencies.

  • Livecoin is without a doubt the best site of trading and exchange of crypto-currency French. Its main advantage is to propose a very large number of crypto-currencies since you will find more than fifty. It also offers a large number of payment methods. In addition, thanks to its simple interface and well thought-out, you’ll have no trouble finding the offer that is right for you to buy the crypto-currency.
  • Hitbtc is another trading site and exchange of crypto-currency very effective. It offers a large choice of crypto-currencies, and provides you with an interesting offer to start trading, because you will have a reduction of 50 % in fees over the 7 days of your registration.
  • Yobit is a trading site and exchange of crypto-currencies, is rather unique in its kind as it offers you corners free every 24 hours and you can also play the challenges in building your crypto-currency. For the rest, it is a site quite classic, but offers characteristics that are very solid. Indeed you will be able to trade over forty crypto-currencies, but can pay using a number of means of payment.

The different sites of exchange and conversion of crypto-currencies

So these are sites that allow you to exchange your crypto-currency for another crypto-currency. Here are the sites of exchange and conversion of crypto-currencies that we offer :

  • Change is a site for exchange and conversion of crypto-currencies, which is perfect for beginners, given that it is very simple to handle. In addition, you do not need to create an account to use it. However, by using an account, you can get different discounts that allow you to pay lower fees. Finally, the site is fully translated into French.
  • Changelly is the reference sites for the exchange and conversion of crypto-currencies. It allows you to simply swap two crypto-currencies without the need to create an account. Among its main advantages, we can note its high reliability and the large number of crypto-currencies available.


What you must remember

  • There are three types of sites to buy the crypto-currency.
  • The shopping sites are simple and perfect for beginners since it is not necessary to have crypto-currency, and that they have a simple interface.
  • Trading venues and exchanges of crypto-currencies are intended for fans of the crypto-currency as they are much more complex.
  • Finally, the sites of exchange and conversion of crypto-currencies are very simple, but they require you to already possess the crypto-currency.