Smartphones used for the mining of Bitcoins, this is possible thanks to the upcycling of Samsung

Smartphones now occupy an important place in the life of the French. Some use it to make calls, surf, shop,… others use it otherwise. Most enthusiasts prefer the smartphones of last generation like the iPhone X or the Pixel 2. They have the same phone for more than five years before buying a new one. These used devices will not be used ever again.


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The mass of electronic waste is increasing exponentially. The upcycling of Samsung allows users to give a new mission to our smartphones used. Now, we can use these ancient devices to miner of Bitcoin. Fifty of Galaxy S5 are linked by an operating system developed by the Samsung brand.

Samsung launches in the mining of crypto-currencies

The Samsung brand has unveiled an innovative setup at a conference dedicated to developers. It was held in San Francisco. This technique allows smartphones used to have a new mission. Instead of the disassemble, it is now possible to use them in another way.

If you buy a Samsung Galaxy S5, there is no need to put in a spare part and resell it after. You can now use it for miner of Bitcoin.

Maurizio Pesce,Wikimedia Commons

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A station, blasting-based Samsung Galaxy S5

Several phones are connected to each other to form a system of blasting performance. For the South Korean company, they have used the model Galaxy S5. In addition to this station, the C-Lab has also launched a tablet converted into a laptop running Ubuntu. Other models have also been used to perform such an operation.

Check out below the details of this process :

Until now, the brand has not given details about the principle of operation of this station of mine. In addition, an information memorandum has been presented at this conference. Thus, it has been demonstrated that 8 Galaxy S5 were much more effective than a typical desktop computer.

Source : Vice