Some of the ads on YouTube undermine the crypto-currency without your knowledge

If you use YouTube on a daily basis, may have you noticed in recent days a significant slowdown of the platform and to your computer. The reason is simple : some of the ads undermine the crypto-currency without your knowledge !

An observable phenomenon

This are regular users of YouTube who have sounded the alarm. In fact, some people have noticed slowdowns important on their computer when they went on the video platform. In reality, some ads popped up on the video platform of Google to undermine the crypto-currency, without the user being aware of it. It is a recurrent phenomenon in recent months.

Pixabay – LukaBieri

This time, on YouTube, the ads undermine the Monero. They rely on lines of codes that have been previously provided by CoinHive. It is a platform of mine which has already been strongly criticised in recent months. However, this time the attacks would have apparently occurred without the knowledge of the platform CoinHive. A security researcher is out of the silence to explain the phenomenon : “YouTube has probably been targeted because visitors are usually present for a long time. It is a target of choice for malware crypto-diversion : most users undermine the crypto-currency, the more money flows in “.

More of a concern, but…

Google has confirmed the phenomenon of the mining of crypto-currencies via some advertisements that were posted on YouTube. The spokesperson quickly stepped in formally to reassure users. He recalled that miner of the crypto-currency through advertisements is prohibited and that it is a violation of the rules established by Google : “In this specific case, the advertisements have been blocked in less than 2 hours and their [creators malware] removed from our platform. “

Pixabay – 422737

More worry. But the facts are there and it is thus necessary to be able to protect themselves. How ? Antivirus TrendMicro strongly recommends that you disable JavaScript in the browser settings. It is also possible to download an extension called No Corner, which blocks the scripts that are connected to CoinHive. A simple ad blocker may also be sufficient.

Source : 20Minutes