Some people have lost Bitcoins Cash because address wallet bitcoin wrong

An announcement on the blog Reddit has revealed that some users of crypto-currency sent Bitcoin Cash (BCH) of the portfolios of bitcoins traditional. This caused them to lose their funds. It is Btcroubadour who posted the ad on Reddit. He said that a lot of people have committed this error. They have essentially sent their BCH portfolios BTC Trezor. The author of the publication has even provided a list of users who have accidentally turned their transactions BCH transactions BTC standards.

To recover its funds through a private key

According to this publication on Reddit, users have no way to recover their lost funds. This is not totally true. First of all, it is important to note that there are great chances that this type of error occurs. In effect, the address BCH and BTC are very similar, but the user can still confirm the correct address. For example, on the page of Trezor, they issue several warnings before you confirm the sending of bitcoins to the appropriate address. That said, there is a method to recover the bitcoins lost. A user can go through the process to use its private key to sign the transaction correctly from the platform on which the transaction takes place.

Creating a recovery service BCH

In his analysis on Reddit, Btcroubadour hoped that the “miners” of bitcoins would eventually create a service for the recovery of the BCH lost. He said : “What we need is one or more “minors” trust to develop a service recovery, by using a manner somewhat similar to that used in the acceleration services of networks BTC. “

This solution would allow the minors to help the users to regain control of the BCH they have accidentally sent to the addresses BTC. However, it is always good to keep in mind that end users are fully responsible for the final destination of their funds.