South africa : kidnappers demand a ransom in Bitcoins

The crypto-currencies are becoming an incredible craze in the world. To such a point that some criminals are interested in it very closely. The proof with these kidnappers of South Africa, who have demanded a ransom in Bitcoins. A great first !

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It is in South Africa that the events took place only a few days. A young teenager was the victim of a kidnapping. Events that could have remained unnoticed but has quickly become an international one. In fact, the kidnappers have set the conditions of release, to say the least surprising. They asked for the equivalent of 105 000 euros in Bitcoins.

Pixabay – The DigitalArtist / This is the first time that a ransom is required in Bitcoin.

This ransom demand in crypto-currencies is a world first. The young boy who was kidnapped in the town of Witbank in the area of Mpumalanga has become in spite of himself a star. And it was lucky, because the whole world is made of passion for its removal that was extremely fast and well-organized. The child has been abducted by a group conveyed, under the frightened eyes of his parents.

A ransom in Bitcoins

The kidnappers have left him a word to the attention of the child’s parents, asking for ransom money in Bitcoins. This would be the first documented case of kidnapping, including of Bitcoins in the country. Yet, kidnappings are unfortunately very common in this part of the globe and extortion attempts to explode these last few months. It is, however, unusual for criminals to claim the Bitcoins.

Pixabay – Stux / criminals have demanded a ransom of 15 Bitcoins.

The ransom was thus 15 Bitcoins and the interest is obviously the intraçabilité of the virtual currency. A great way to escape from the authorities. The criminals have not been identified, but the child was released. It is not known in exactly what circumstances, but it seems that the young adolescent goes well and that the parents have not had to pay the ransom.

A case of kidnapping of a genre totally new so that could unfortunately give the wrong ideas to other criminals…

Source : Actu Crypto