South Korea has published the guideline official for the platforms of crypto-currencies and banks

The south Korean government has published the guideline promised previously, and which governs the transactions of crypto-currencies. This guideline includes more details on the real-name system, as well as a regulatory framework against money laundering to the attention of the banks providing services to the platforms of exchange of crypto-currencies.

Kim Yong-bum/photo Credits : QoinbookKim

A final version and recorded

Yesterday, Kim Yong-bum has officially presented the document that contains the guidelines to be followed for the transaction of crypto-currencies that it had already announced previously. The document contains all measures taken by the government to put an end to the speculation in the digital currency, which were announced last December. In addition, the government has also announced its plan anti-money laundering to the attention of all banks, that manages the accounts of crypto-currencies.

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A new system operational as of January 30,

A large part of these special measures focuses on the new system of real account. This system will replace the system currently used by the banks issuing virtual accounts. Thus, the new system for transactions of deposit and withdrawal on the accounts of crypto-currencies will come into force on the 30 January. From this date, all virtual accounts will be converted to real accounts. It is important to note that six major banks are concerned by the implementation of this new system, including Shinhan Bank, Nonghyup Bank and Kookmin Bank.

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