Square tests the technology Bitcoin via its application of payments

Jack Dorsey, founder of Square, a payment company, has tested the support for Bitcoin via its application of Cash payments. He said they were exploring again how Square can make the experience faster and easier. He explained that they are deploying this feature on a small number of users of the application Cash. The spokesperson of the company explained that they believe that the digital currency can greatly affect the ability of users to participate in the global financial system.

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The test does not allow individuals or businesses to send or accept Bitcoins, said the spokesperson of the company.

Increase of 5 % of the shares of Square after the announcement

The company’s shares have risen more than 5 % on Wednesday to reach a record level. The action was finished by increase of 2.6% 40,66 $ action. The analysts of Credit Suisse, Paul Condra and Mrinalini Bhutoria have written that they think it might put SQ in a position of strength and be the technology company providing services to crypto-currencies.

In addition, the company is also well positioned to allow for transactions of digital currencies on the spikes of the physical store.

The shares of the Credit Suisse remained stable

The shares of Credit Suisse were not disturbed. In fact, they are at least 22 % of those of Square. Exchanges of Bitcoins are now becoming commonplace. Coinbase, the leading american company for these services, account for 12.5 million users.

The american society has indicated that they have exchanged nearly 40 billion dollars of digital currency. The number of users of Coinbase has more than doubled since January, according to an analysis of public data published by Alistair Milne. 2017 was the year of Bitcoin, which has experienced a significant increase, reaching a record level of more than 7 000 dollars. The crypto-currencies are now in a new era.

Source : CNBC