Superstars of the NFL are interested in the Bitcoin

Now that the Super Bowl is behind us, the NFL players can focus on what really interests them, namely Bitcoin. Most of you will surely think that the players speak only of sport and for women in the locker room. But a source has revealed that the professional players love to discuss the evolution of the market of crypto-currencies.

Below is a video recounting this information :

The Bitcoin a topic of discussion in the locker room

The athletes of the national league of american football information on the investment in Bitcoin, according to Richard Sherman, the player of the Seattle Seahawks. He explained that the players talk mostly about how the Bitcoin has grown in recent years. Since the price of this digital currency has reached 19 000 dollars, it has been a topic of discussion for a lot of players in the NFL, he said.

Source : Pixabay. NFL players like to talk about the Bitcoin.

The Bitcoin has experienced a phenomenal boom in 2017 and this growth is expected to continue this year. It is therefore quite normal that it interests a lot of people. There are many crypto-currencies, said Sherman, and the players try to determine which is the one they should have.

Stars of the NFL want to understand this technology

The stars of the sport need to learn about financial innovation such as Bitcoin, since they make a lot of money. Unfortunately, footballers don’t necessarily have the skills to invest in this digital asset. A lot of players have done their best to understand this technology, but also on shares and trading in general, explained Sherman. The majority of them have been duped by financial advisers, unscrupulous, he continued.

The investment in the Bitcoin mining or trading crypto-currencies have proven to be profitable for ordinary investors. The stars of the sport are aware of this interest in new technologies financial. Athletes in all kinds of sports have become ambassadors of mark for the projects ICO, as the caption of the football Leo Messi or Sherman.

Source : NewsBitcoin