Switzerland, a paradise for the crypto-currencies

Marc P. Bernegger is one of the advisors of the swiss minister of the Economy. He described this country as the place most favourable in the world for business related to crypto-currencies. Bernegger is a serial entrepreneur specialized in the Bitcoin. Shortly after the emergence of the technology Blockchain in 2009, he has focused on the digital currency in which it maintains a commercial involvement significantly since 2012.

Check out below a video in English explaining the regulation of crypto-currencies in Switzerland :

Due to the overwhelming success of digital currency in Switzerland

In the same way that decentralization makes Bitcoin particularly useful in the world, the Swiss benefit from the principles of decentralised governing the country’s tax code. According to Bernegger, Switzerland has a federalist system unique, which is very healthy for an efficient and transparent government. In addition, its democratic system gives a lot of power to the people, so that politicians and their parties have much less influence than in most other countries said to be democratic, he explained.

Source : Vimeo. Switzerland is favourable to the development of crypto-currencies.

The Swiss consider now the crypto-currency as a new standard. The virtual currency, the most popular such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are actually units of mathematical abstraction. If you want to trade, the swiss regulation in force is extremely favorable to businesses and individuals. While crypto-currencies are still illegal in other countries, they are all the rage in Switzerland.

Switzerland, a terrain favorable for the market of crypto-currencies

According to Bernegger, Malta, Gibraltar and Liechtenstein are doing good work in the field, but they are still lagging behind in terms of regulations. Switzerland is still ahead, and this is supported by numbers strong, continued Mr. Bernegger. The ICO are means of fundraising, and become popular at the present time.

A company looking for a new investment may issue its own crypto-currency, and sell in bulk to investors. The global market for the ICO broke records last year, generating nearly $ 4 billion. Switzerland alone has collected $ 550 million through the ICO in 2017.

Source : BusinessInsider