Switzerland and cryptomonnaies : Zug, switzerland, the paradise of investors

The Millionaires swiss have always so much of interest to bitcoins and other currencies cryptographic. While several countries are already sounding the alarm in regards to the ICOs, the Switzerland and especially the canton : Zug, became a veritable land of welcomes to the specialized companies in the virtual economy.

Zug, nicknamed as ” the Monaco of Switzerland “

The start-ups of foreign exchange and brokerage have seen the application of crypto-currency explode in recent times. In effect, the investors have seen in the virtual currency, a good way to grow their wealth. A BTC will be dealt with as only a few cents at its inception in 2009, but it is now worth more than $ 4,000 – and its growth is not ready to stay there. In addition, other virtual currencies have come out of the lot and has exploded the market of the virtual economy. Among them, the ether, the 2nd cryptomonnaie after the bitcoin and Ripple, a token created by Arthur Britto.

In all cases, the financial experts remain divided. If some people think that the cryptomonnaies still have beautiful days in front of them, others see it as a huge financial crash.

Zug and its Crypto Valley

In Switzerland, the strong growth of the start-ups present in the “Crypto Valley” Zug is now more of a new wave of crypto-currencies. This year 2017, these companies have already managed to raise nearly a billion dollars thanks to the ICOs, the funds in crypto-currency. A good number of companies established in the canton of Zug (German Kanton Zug), this tax haven for multinational corporations. Others, meanwhile, have poured hundreds of millions of dollars of ICO in companies established in the country. This is also a chance for the present experts in various fields, such as consultants, lawyers or other specialists.