Tahiti : the crypto-currency to finance the project of a floating island in Polynesia

A project of floating island of Tahiti, in French Polynesia, saw the light of day a few months ago. However, the outcome of this project supported by the foundation, Seasteading, should be dependent on a fundraiser, which is funded in major part by the crypto-currency.

A conference of introduction to Tahiti

It is the engineer Daniel A. Nagy, doctor of mathematics and designer of the foundation Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin, who has made the move to French Polynesia a few days ago. The crypto-currency of the second generation is a real reference. It should be particularly useful in the financing of the project of floating island. The engineer has taken the time to explain in front of forty people gathered in Tahiti for the creation of Bitcoin and the arrival of the nefarious Ethereum. It has also demonstrated why this technology could be of benefit to the foundation Seasteading. The latter can be used to finance the $ 60 million that is going to cost the artificial island. Marc Collins, the president of the society Blue Frontiers responsible for creating the prototype of the floating island, recalled that all of the funds raised had been raised in Bitcoin. For the moment, these funds have served to finance the studies of environmental impact of the floating island.

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Funding based on the crypto-currency

Daniel Nagy recalled also that it was possible to create a currency that would become the official currency of this floating island polynesian. This currency would be used to buy real estate on the island and for commercial transactions. The latest innovations made by the BlockChain makes it possible to consider different types of ICO that will be tailored to this very ambitious project. Daniel Nagy has not hesitated to go to Tahiti to support the project. Moreover, he explained in an interview for La Dépêche de Tahiti :

“I was invited by the promoters of the project of the floating island. The project will be funded by crypto-currency, which in my opinion is a very good idea, because the people who hold crypto-currencies share similar views with the Seasteaders. They see these technologies as conducive to freedom. And also because they are naturally more inclined to take risks. I was invited to help in this perspective. “

It could be, therefore, that the floating island of Tahiti is fully funded by a crypto-currency. The future will tell us !

Source : La Dépêche de Tahiti