Tesla is a victim of computer hacking related to the mining of crypto-currencies

Elon Musk may send his personal car Tesla in the space, it could change the way humanity produces and stores energy, and even build a colony on Mars one day. However, even this man cannot apparently escape the actions of the hackers. In fact, Tesla has been hacked by hackers who have used their systems for mining crypto-currencies.

Source : Hans Braxmeier, Pixabay. Tesla is the subject of a hacking linked to the mining of crypto-currencies.

System of blasting Tesla

Tesla, the electric car manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California, is the latest company to fall victim to ” cryptojacking “, according to a recent study by the company specialized in computer security RedLock. The team of researchers has discovered that hackers had infiltrated the system of Tesla was not protected by a password. In a module, the access credentials were exposed to the environment Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Tesla, which contained sensitive data. In addition to the exposure data, the hackers have exploited the crypto-currencies inside of one of the systems of Tesla.

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The researchers noted a few of the methods that the hackers have used during this attack. Unlike other incidents of mining digital currencies, the hackers have not used a pool mining public. Instead, they have installed a software specific.

Tesla quickly responded to this attack

According to this study, the hackers would have also hidden the real IP address of the server that they used for the mining of crypto-currencies. The pirates were able to use a new IP address to the request by entering the CDN service free of charge. This makes the detection of activity by encryption based on the IP address still more difficult.

Despite this, Tesla has governed quickly after the team of RedLock has reported the incident. The company has been able to solve the problem.

Source : NewsBitcoin