Thailand wants a regulation that is less extreme for crypto-currencies

Asia is among the leaders on the exchange market of crypto-currencies. Moreover, many asian countries are seeking today’s solutions to regulate this sector and to enable investors to operate in all legality. Recently, the vice-Prime minister of thailand has requested that the law on digital currencies and the ICO will be finalized within one month. The regulators met and agreed on the fact that it is not necessary to invoke section 44 of a controversial law, but rather to introduce a specific law.

Here are the details of this case in English :

A special law for crypto-currencies

Rapee Sucharitakul, secretary-general of the SEC Thailand, revealed on Saturday that several officers are gathered together and decided to enact a special law to govern all areas of crypto-currencies. This new legislation will also regulate the ICO. It will also provide guidelines for all parties involved in sales such as investors, intermediaries, issuers and trading platforms.

Source : Pixabay. Thailand wants a more flexible regulatory for crypto-currencies.

The thai minister of Finance, Mr. Aphisak Tantiworawong, said that the authorities are studying how to tax the digital currency. They also include the SEC, the department of Finance, the office of fight against money laundering and the Bank of Thailand. They met recently and have agreed that it is necessary to regulate this market.

No need for devices extreme

Regulators thais have been concerned about the rapid growth of crypto-currencies and ICO. Thus, it has been suggested that article 44 may be necessary to regulate this market. This article empowers the national Council for peace and order (NCPO) to issue a proposal for reform in all areas.

The vice-Prime minister in charge of legal affairs has stated that article 44 which allows the First minister to have the absolute power will remain in force even if the country will soon have a new constitution.

Source : NewsBitcoin