The american giant launches Apple Pay in Cash, the developers and users are turning increasingly to the Bitcoin

Apple is one of the most successful companies in the history of the Silicon Valley, revolutionizing and dominating the market of graphic design, music and mobile phones. It is also one of the most powerful companies in the world currently.

Apple should be the first to reach a market capitalization of over one trillion dollars. As such, one might expect Apple to Pay Cash clears the competition, but Bitcoin can change that.

Check out below the details of this announcement :

The launch of Apple Pay in Cash

The Apple customers in the United States can now use the service Apple Pay in Cash. The american company sees this technology as the most simple way to make payments on iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Users are now able to receive their payment via iMessage. They will also be able to ask Siri to pay for them. On the other hand, they also have the ability to use credit cards that they are already added to Apple Pay. It is don’t need to install an app or create another account. Since your new iPhone X, you will now be able to perform different financial operations.


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While most analysts see this as a response from Apple to Venmo or application of Cash of the Square, it is difficult to believe that the american brand has not noticed the millions of applications for the transactions of Bitcoin.

The applications of mobile payment are turning to the Bitcoin

While Apple is promoting its service, more and more mobile application developers give in to the demands of the users and add support for the Bitcoin. There are particular Cash App Cash and the mobile banking app, Revolut.

Revolut announced that it would deploy a solution that allows the exchange of Bitcoins. Users can now use the app to trade various crypto-currencies such as Ethereum, Bitcoin or Litecoin. A real revolution is underway in the world of digital currency. It turns more and more towards mobile payment and integration of crypto-currencies in these solutions is a major step forward.

Source : NewsBitcoin