The american rapper, Ghostface Killah launches a business of crypto-currencies

According to the information relayed by the media CNBC, the american rapper, originally from New York, Ghostface Killah would have co-founded a company of crypto-currencies, called Cream Capital. Through ICO, the company seeks to collect $ 30 million. The name of the company comes from the song “CREAM” by Wu-Tang Clan in 1993. Brett Westwood, the CEO of Cream Capital, said on CNBC that he had given the brand name.

The launch of the new chips, dubbed the “Cream Dividend” will be held in November. After the launch, these crypto-currencies can be exchanged in the Ether.

A long-standing collaboration

Westbrook said that the rapper is working with him for a long time. In particular, he highlighted the involvement of Ghostface Killah in the company. The two leaders are known on the site Reddit. Westbrook added that Ghostface Killah will play an important role in the development of the brand.

Westbrook added that thanks to the rapper, the users will have an idea of what really is a crypto-currency. They will be able to familiarize themselves with these digital currencies, which have today a phenomenal success.

A ICO to launch their business

The ICO are a way of crowdfunding (crowdfunding), but they have recently been the subject of scrutiny. As was highlighted in TechCrunch, the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission has charged two firms, Nook and DRC World of fraud. They have indeed sold the chips that do not exist for many investors. These seem to be the first ICO to be the object of such an examination.

Cream Capital has reassured investors about these scams. On the other hand, he also said that their virtual currencies can be integrated into the credit cards and be used in shops that accept payment by card. The sale of these crypto-currencies will be held on the 11th of November, confirms Westbrook.