The analysis of NewsBTC about the Litecoin and the DASH

Since their creation, the crypto-currencies have become the investment product increasingly sought after by professionals and individuals. Moreover, these latter do not hesitate to follow the evolution of the course in order to trade effectively and try to win the jackpot. In addition to Bitcoin, other virtual currencies are also of interest to investors. Among these, we note particularly the Dash and Litecoin.

In fact, there are many digital currencies today. By buying and selling at the right time, it is possible for investors to optimize their gain. Even if the sector is not yet subject to regulations, there is still a market that is very beneficial. It offers a profitability always interesting because their rarity makes this product an asset is relatively expensive, particularly at the end of the week.

The DASH compared to the dollar

The DASH continues to be unstable, even in the beginning of the week. However, it is likely that their prices back on the rise. We could reach the 325 dollars. A slight increase is expected in the course of this week to reach the $ 400.

The experts consider a minimum threshold of $ 300. A situation that will encourage investors. In addition, over the long term, the price of the DASH should move forward and enable them to benefit from a course more advantageous.

What about the Litecoin ?

The Litecoin is pretty stable. In general, the price of these crypto-currencies generally increases during the weekend, since their number is limited during this period. Currently, the price is around 50 dollars. If an increase occurs, it would be around 56 dollars. However, it is possible that the price does not reach this value.

Therefore, it is advisable to buy little by little to reduce the risk. Please note that the price of Bitcoin usually determines the rise in the prices of other crypto-currencies.