The Appian, an App Store revolutionary technology-based Ethereum

Appian is the App Store of Ethereum. This new application is now attracting the interest of many users. This infatuation is entirely legitimate, given the innovation in the area of crypto-currencies. A ICO has recently been launched by the company. Currently, this application is at the heart of all the discussions and the buzz on the major sites of information.

Many investors see the potential of an app store decentralized based on the technology of Ethereum. It could become a real competitor to the centralised solutions that exist today, such as Google Play or the Apple App Store. This is the first store of App Ethereum in the world.


What are the characteristics of Appian ?

Appian includes all applications that may currently exist. A platform where users can discover the best apps in the world. Same as other App Store, we can discover the development tools. Users can also assess and give their opinion on the apps downloaded.

Appian is changing the way we build applications. Users can order services and products Appian via a digital currency called APP. What are tokens limited which are exclusively used on the platform. The currency digital APP can also be exchanged for other crypto-currencies, such as the Ether.

Chips APP as a welcome bonus this week

Only for this week, users of Appian will receive digital tokens as a bonus. It is expected that the currency APP will be directly available online. A real revolution is underway in the area of crypto-currencies, especially for the technology Ethereum.

As the solutions Ethereum become popular, the demand for foreign currency APP will increase accordingly. The value of Appian is expected to grow with the development of technology in Ethereum. With the launch of new applications, Appian has an important potential on this market in full growth.

Source : TheMerkle