The application Taylor introduced a new wave of passionate cryptomonnaies

The sale of Token Taylor begins on February 21, 2018 to 14 hours UTC

TALLINN, ESTONIA – February 20, 2018 – The time has come for Taylor to launch their initial corner offering (ICO). Taylor is a revolutionary platform that tracks the price of the market, points to the potential investments, and carries out the orders of purchase and sale for the main cryptomonnaies with the simplicity and portability of a mobile application. Its easy to use interface, and its smart features make for cryptomonnaies what browsers did for the internet : making it accessible to the greatest number, and in particular to the average user.

The exchange of cryptomonnaies has not yet been a widespread adoption due to barriers to entry such as the time required to monitor investments and research to find opportunities. Taylor can even help inexperienced traders participate in the market by breaking down these barriers and opening up a new wave of passionate cryptomonnaies.

Listen to Fabio Seixas explain the vision Taylor

Brad Mills, advisor of Taylor, explained on Twitter ” exchange algorithmic is risky, but if it is done well, it will usually have an advantage over the traders human. Projects such as @SmartTaylorApp allow everyone to try the experience “

6 535 000 YOUR tokens will be available for sale to the public. Acquire TAY tokens during the phase ICO gives to the future users of the wizard exchange smart Taylor a multitude of benefits. Users who pay with TAY will get a discount on their subscription. Those who hold 1,000 TAY tokens will be able to benefit of the basic subscription free of charge. And those who will hold 3,000 TAY tokens will have a free access to the premium features of the Taylor rule, which includes notifications priority and a higher limit during the exchange.

The participants in the sale of tokens will also be able to acquire tokens at a price potentially lower than their future value. The initial price is set at 0.0007 ETH, a reduction of 25%, and this price will increase each week until its conclusion on march 22.

“I found an interest in this ICO because I used to make my own product that was EXTREMELY similar to the one below. After many discussions with their CEO, I found a personal interest in this project, ” tweeted the professional trader of cryptomonnaie @WolfofPoloniex.

Since their creation, the cryptomonnaies have varied greatly in the success they have achieved, both in their phase of fundraising and as an asset for investors. The key to the ICO, the most successful has been the framework that they have established for the operation of the sale of tokens, and the system that they have created to give to the token value.

Taylor has put in place a pricing fair and reasonable, and a structure of distribution of tokens. The founders will receive only 10% of the total tokens available. They have set a ceiling of 500 ETH and a maximum investment of 50 ETH per person, first ensuring that participants retrieve their money if the minimum capital is not reached, the second guaranteeing that a person cannot control alone the future value of the tokens TAY.

A significant investment of 500 ETH has been made during the private sale, demonstrating a considerable interest in the service, Taylor. To buy tokens TAY, individuals must register on the white list and prove that they are resident outside of the countries that have legislation prohibiting their participation, including: the United States, China, South Korea, Singapore, and Canada. The investments are secured through a contract intelligent audited by, a platform for audit based on a community of experts in the field. These measures have been implemented by the team of Taylor to protect investors.

People are naturally excited by the upcoming release of the beta version of Taylor. Dave Connis, subscriber of Taylor and crypto-novice trader, has shared his expectation for the project. “As a father who has three jobs and is trying to trade cryptomonnaies since January (2017), but that simply has not the time, I’m so happy to put the hand on the application, Taylor. “

“I’m still making profit every day using the alpha version of @SmartTaylorApp! In the meantime the beta version and the ICO! “ tweeted Pedro Marine, one of the testers of the alpha version of Taylor, also known under the name of CryptoScalper.

The sale of Tokens Taylor should start at 14: 00 UTC on 21 February. Persons interested in attending must register on the white list on and fill in the KYC. You can find detailed instructions for each step of the process :


For detailed information on Taylor or the sale of tokens, including the white paper and the roadmap of the project, please visit the official website of Taylor: Follow Taylor on social networks for the latest news and updates.

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The citizens and residents of China, Singapore, South Korea, Canada and the United States may not participate in the sale of tokens, as Taylor, at least they are american investors are accredited.