The ARCHOS Safe-T-mini, the actual wallet of crypto-currencies, manufactured in France, is now available for preorder !

ARCHOS launches in the Blockchain with its first portfolio of physical cryptomonnaies manufactured in France and to protect their crypto-assets. These portfolios are the most efficient way to manage and share its cryptomonnaies, and the ARCHOS Safe-T-mini allows you to enjoy maximum security, for only 49.99€, payable in Bitcoin !

The ARCHOS Safe-T-mini is available to pre-order now on the shop ARCHOS as well as on Amazon. The deliveries will take place from the July 17, 2018.

Protect your crypto-currencies

Announced at the Moblie World Congress in Barcelona in February, the ARCHOS Safe-T mini allows its owner :

– To isolate its cryptographic keys to protect its assets

– To issue/receive a payment in a secure way

– To check their accounts safely

– In the event of theft / loss of the Safe-T-Mini, the user can retrieve his cryptomonnaies using a recovery key 24 words

In details, the Safe-T-mini-generates and stores a private key on the portfolio off-line, and prevents hackers access to this private key once the device is connected. It also runs all of the operations of crypto locally.

The built-in screen is big enough to display all of the transactions and, therefore, allow the owner to check and validate them, without the possibility for a hacker to modify a transaction without that the owner can verify this.

Finally, the ARCHOS Safe-T mini requires the composition of a PIN code to ensure that only the owner can access it and use it.

A chip dedicated to the safety

Based on the open-source software developed by TREZOR and recognized by the community of crypto assets, ARCHOS has implemented its know-how in terms of design and safety in order to propose its own product.

The device has been specially designed to include a crypto-memory, a chip dedicated security. It protects the private keys of the user, allows the PIN code protection, and has countermeasures hardware.

On the software side, which will be open-source and available on GitHub, the ARCHOS Safe-T-mini allows you to retrieve content from a new device if the first is lost or stolen. To do this, it uses a recovery key that is made up of 24 words, generated when the Safe-T-mini is switched on for the first time.

How to use the ARCHOS Safe-T-mini ?

ARCHOS has developed a web application that is intuitive and easy to get started with the Safe-T-mini. Ready-to-use, simply connect the Safe-T-mini via a Micro USB, to get on the site ARCHOS Safe-T-mini from any computer and follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

Crypto-currencies compatible

The ARCHOS Safe-T-mini is compatible with the software Electrum and MyCrypto. It supports more than 75% of the total market capitalisation of cryptomonnaies, including the Bitcoin, Bitcoin to Cash, Bitcoin, Gold, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and tokens ERC20. A dedicated team working on the compatibility of new cryptomonnaies, new compatibilities are to be expected.

A portfolio physics of crypto-currencies made in France

The ARCHOS Safe-T-mini has been developed by the R&D team of ARCHOS, and is manufactured by Eiffage in Béthune, in the north of France.

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