The arrival of chip mining ASIC disrupts the Ethereum

Ethereum is in a very bad position since the beginning of the year 2018, its course being catastrophic. The arrival of a minor ASIC designed by Bitmain does not seem to improve the situation, far from it.

A major concern

It seems that three companies are working on miners ASIC Ethereum. An ASIC is an integrated circuit, specialized for mining crypto-currencies. It should be known that these chips were first of all concerned the Bitcoin. However, they are detrimental to the ideal of crypto-currency that wants to be above all a currency which is decentralized. Ethereum had escaped the trend, at least so far. Because a new chip ASIC has been developed, and would be dedicated to the mining of the Ether.

Pixabay – Someone Makes your Day / The ASIC chips could unsettle investors.

According to a financial analyst, the new chip ASIC would be owned by Bitmain, and would be ready to be delivered by only a few months. It would be beautiful and well-designed to undermine the nefarious Ethereum. This is the first time that the Ether is referred to by a chip ASIC, and three other companies working on the same product.

A major change

It should be noted that, until now, users that are rampant on the network Ethereum do not use custom chips. In effect, they use graphics cards classics. The arrival of ASIC chips could therefore change the result, but not necessarily positively.

Logo Bitmain / The new chip would be owned by Bitmain.

The founder of TryMining, Mikhail Avady, is out of the silence to comment on the news : “The Ether is the one of the corners of the most profitable that can be mined with a GPU. This will have an impact on a large part of the market. But without knowing the power of hash machines designed by Bitmain, we can not yet know if their arrival will make it or not the GPU obsolete. “

Some experts assert that it is primarily a problem of decentralization and that the miners could be tempted to look at other crypto-currencies, like the Zcash or Monero. The price of Ether has never been so low, and this news could not change this downward trend. That said, investors remain optimistic, at least for the moment.

Source : Bitcoinist