The association Fidelity Investments Charitable has managed to collect 22 million dollars in Bitcoin this year

In the course of this year 2017, which is known to be the year of Bitcoin, the association Fidelity Investments Charitable (FIC) has received 22 million dollars in donations in Bitcoin. The Bitcoiners are known for their generosity, and the FIC has developed a relationship close enough with the users of crypto-currencies, in particular during this year of 2017.

Reasons To Bitcoin

A spike in donations during the month of December

Last year, Fidelity has managed to collect that $ 6 million in Bitcoin. In 2017, this amount has almost quadrupled. What is most impressive is that the first $ 11 million has been received in the month of January in the month of November. This means that in just one month, in December, the amount has doubled to $ 22 million. “People are more motivated to make donations in Bitcoin,” said Matt Nash, a manager at FIdelity Investments Charitable. He refers here to the remarkable donation campaign that takes place throughout the year 2017.


Gifts of Bitcoin are becoming more popular

The increase in donations during the month of December is, without doubt, linked to the benefits that users of Bitcoin were obtained thanks to the recent surge in the value of crypto-currencies, and Bitcoin in particular. We can also put forward the fact that many collectors of government revenue are asking that donations in Bitcoin to be made in a specified time period so that they can benefit from various fiscal advantages.

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