The atms of Bitcoin are on the rise in Russia

The number of atms of Bitcoin in Russia is on the rise. Ten atms of Bitcoin have recently been installed to Novossibitrsk by a local start-up. Another company has announced its intention to install one hundred atms of crypto-currencies in the Moscow hotels and airport terminals from the month of October. During this time, the regulators, the russians have stated that they do légaliseraient not the crypto-currencies soon.

The ten new atms to Bitcoin Novosibirsk

In the third largest city in Russia, Novosibirsk, ten atms of Bitcoin have been set up by the startup BBFpro. The machines were placed in five districts of the city : Kalininsky, Zheleznodorozhny, Oktyabrsky, Leninsky and Kirovsky. Most of the terminals are located in shops selling bottled drinks. According to Anton Friedel, director of BBFpro , ” All ten cameras are placed in such a way that every resident of the city will have the opportunity to quickly and easily reach the counters of Bitcoin “. His team also wanted to place them in the major shopping centers in the city, but ” the rent was too high “, he added.

A hundred wickets this year

Not later than the end of last week, Rambler-News reported that about 100 atms in one direction of crypto-currencies would arrive in Moscow this month and the end of the year. They will be installed by Investcoin24 in the centre of the city, including in hotels, according to Pavel Panova, co-owner of the startup. In addition, he added that negotiations are currently underway with the owners of the airport to install some wickets in the areas of departures and arrivals.

Regulatory uncertainty

The number of atms of crypto-currencies is increasing in Russia despite the fact that the government does not seem to hurry to establish a regulatory framework. The deputy minister of Finance, Alexei Moiseev, said last month that ” the liquidation of Bitcoin in Russia will not be legalized “. This statement was followed by a meeting during which the regulatory authorities have not been able to agree on how it should regulate crypto-currencies. The discussions will resume as of next year.

Source : News.Bitcoin