The attorney general of the city of New York survey on the exchange platforms

The city of New York recently launched a series of thirteen investigations aimed directly exchange platforms for crypto-currencies. The objective is to verify the transparency of transactions and to ensure the safety of internet users who participate in this adventure, which makes controversy.

A large-scale survey

The attorney general of the city of New York, Eric Schneiderman, has launched a large-scale survey with thirteen sites that are specialized in the trade of crypto-currencies. Among the platforms of exchange which are covered by this investigation is Coinbase, one of the largest platforms in the world.

Pixabay – MichaelWuensch / This large-scale survey which has been decided by the attorney general of New York.

The prosecutor of New York is quickly pulled out of the silence to justify these surveys of the general public, explaining : “Too often, investors have too little information to evaluate the fairness, integrity, and security of these trading platforms. “

The investigators, therefore, want to verify the mode of operation of these exchange platforms, but also to the security measures that are taken internally to preserve the investment of customers in the us.

Security vulnerabilities worrying

It must be confessed that, in recent months, several trading platforms have failed in the protection of the funds of the users. One thinks in particular of Coincheck, which has lost a little more than $ 500 million, or BitGrail, who has lost 170 million. With these investigations, the prosecutor of New York wants to make these platforms for the exchange of crypto-currency more secure and to verify the transparency of their operation. The objective is first and foremost to protect the users.

Shutterstock / The exchange platform Coinbase is directly targeted by this survey.

Currently, most of the sites covered by the american survey have agreed to play the game. Only Kraken refuses to submit to this control, the co-founder explaining : “The fact of submitting to these obligations would divert significantly our resources. This would completely change our road map ! Then I realized that we had made the wise decision to leave New York city three years ago, and that we can therefore work around this decision. “

Now, wait to hear the results of these investigations to draw conclusions.

Source : Bitcoinist