The Australians are victims of a scam, mining of crypto-currencies based on the SMS

The Australians are now facing a new scam based on the mining of the Bitcoin. The scammers send out SMS to users, indicating that they can obtain Bitcoins for free fictitious. Nick Savvides, chief technology officer at Symantec, has given its opinion on this scam on the media australian Nine. He described how ” a spam classic, hard sell “.

Savvides said that the two links in the messages redirect visitors to a site which asks you to subscribe to their service. The objective of the scammers is to entice users to extract Bitcoins to their place. In this registration process, the personal information will be transmitted. The scammers can use them to carry other scams.

The SMS, a great way for the scammers to develop their fraudulent activity

Savvides says that many users are less cautious when opening links via SMS that when they are browsing on the Internet. This situation has contributed to the development of scams based on the SMS.

Fabián Alexis, Wikimedia Commons

When you open a message on our smartphone, we do not expect to discover malware or scams, he explained. People are conditioned to be wary of e-mails.

The implementation of a security system to protect your mobile device

According to Mr. Savvides, many Australians forget very often to apply security measures on their mobile devices. Very few users will download filtering solutions or protections to preserve their mobile devices. According to Savvides, the situation could worsen within the next two years, because there has been too much confidence in the performance of our equipment.

In addition, the personal data of more than 46 million subscribers in Malaysia have been put online in exchange for a single Bitcoin. Australia is not the only country to undergo such a scam.

Source : NewsBitcoin