The bank Goldman Sachs is going to offer its clients trading Bitcoin

This is rare enough in the banking industry to tell you about today. In effect, the investment bank Goldman Sachs has confirmed its new project, which is none other than to offer its customers the trading of Bitcoins. A surprising fact in this sector, however, very cautious vis-à-vis the crypto-currencies.

Many requests from customers

A few days ago, on 2 may, the director general of the investment bank Goldman Sachs has explained that the demands of its clients were extremely numerous. The latter, who is called Rana Yared, said that – to satisfy its customers – the bank was going to offer them the opportunity to speculate on the Bitcoin.

Pixabay – The Digital Artist /The decision taken by the investment bank is a small revolution in the banking sector.

Thus, the financial director said the following : “When a client entrusts to us : “I want to hold Bitcoin or futures contracts, because I think that it is a store of value alternative”, it calls out to us. “

To this day, we do not know the details of this initiative. But it seems that, in a first time, the futures contracts will therefore be available to customers of the bank.

A great first on Wall Street

The decision taken by the investment bank Goldman Sachs is truly a revolution in the banking sector. In fact, it is the first bank on Wall Street to turn to a crypto-currencies. Some employees are skeptical of this decision, including those who are in charge of creating the trading platform, which will be dedicated to Bitcoin.

Thus, Rana Yared was keen to explain : “I would describe it not as a true believer, who wakes up in thinking that Bitcoin is going to conquer the world. Almost all of the people involved have evoked a certain skepticism. It is not a new risk that we don’t understand. It is only an asset backed by a increased risk, which invites us to exercise great caution. “

Pixabay – Stux / This is the first time that a bank of Wall Street is such an advance on the Bitcoin.

This shift surprising on the part of Goldman Sachs, however, was predictable since a few weeks ago, the us bank has hired a famous trader. This is Justin Schmidt, the founder of Translunar Crypto, a company specialized in the trading of crypto-currencies.

More than ever, the arrival of the futures contracts at Goldman Sachs is a reality. The customers are mostly delighted, believing that the bank is proof of modernity and understanding vis-à-vis their expectations, and their interests. Then, is it to soon in France ?

Source : The Echos