The Bank of England could issue its own crypto-currency in 2018

The Bank of England could have its own digital currency type Bitcoin this year, confirmed by the newspapers of the country. The bank, which has seen the light of day there are more than 300 years, has set up a research team in 2015 to analyze the links between crypto-currencies supported by the government and the british pound. There seems to have been a clear progression in his research.

Allan Lau , Source : Pixabay

2018, the year of the crypto-currency for the United Kingdom

Venezuela has its own crypto-currency, the Petro. Russia is poised to launch the Cryptoruble. Could there be a Ukoin for England ? The Telegraph was inclined to believe in the creation of this crypto-currency. Moreover, its editor-in-chief Robert Mendick is very confident about the development of this technology. The governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney, was reported to have held talks with other banks regarding the launch of this digital currency.

If you missed the announcement, here are the details :

Governor Carney, 52 years old, is the first non-briton to hold this position in the United Kingdom. Former governor of the canadian central bank, he has also spent over a decade at Goldman Sachs. A few days ago, Mr. Carney has confirmed that the Bitcoin was a must-have solution, and that it seems to be more interested in its mechanism.

The beginning of a long collaboration

Mark Carney has asked for the collaboration of the legislators in the uk. He said that they will not be confronted with these risk of financial instability. He explained that the study of the market of Bitcoin by the Bank of England continued. They will put everything in place in order to regulate this sector effectively.

Meetings are held at the beginning of the year. Mr. Carney has confirmed that it has participated in exchanges with the country’s main banks. The Bank of England has already carried out tests with the technology blockchain during the summer, he said.

Source : NewsBitcoin