The bank of north-european Nordea confirms the ban of Bitcoin

Two weeks ago, one of the largest european banks, Nordea, has enacted a policy at the school level to prohibit its employees from possessing or negotiate crypto-currencies. The bank said the risks associated with this solution. It has thus decided to act in a preventive manner.

Following the announcement of Nordea regarding their intention to ban Bitcoin for its employees :

The employees of Nordea Bank will not be permitted to use the Bitcoin

The 31,000 employees of Nordea Bank by the spring will not be allowed to possess and / or exchange of digital currencies. One of the largest banks in Northern Europe, Nordea is not in favor of Bitcoin. Its existing management team is known to be openly hostile to the crypto-currency.

Source : Toffanello G, Pixabay. Prohibition of Bitcoin for the employees of Nordea.

There are just two weeks, an official of the company announced that the bank was in the process of taking steps to impose on its employees no longer use this virtual currency. This week, the bank confirmed to various media, such as Reuters and Bloomberg that the device will soon be implemented. The spokesperson of Nordea told Reuters by email that the risks are considered too high, and that the protection is insufficient for the employees and the bank.

Customers are warned

Nordea has been forced to address the question about the customers who are interested in the crypto-currency. The bank has explained that it is important to emphasize that they are not recommending their clients to invest in the Bitcoin. Like all other trading platforms, Nordea Investor provides access to trade in all securities listed on the stock exchange. However, Nordea has said that customers are free to purchase products related to the crypto-currency. So this is just a recommendation for the clients.

The rival Nordea, Danske Bank, has also implemented the same ban. The spokesperson of the bank said that they are skeptical of the digital currency and advise its employees not to share.

Source : NewsBitcoin

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