The belarusian government is encouraging the creation of businesses related to crypto-currencies

The leaders belarusians want to put in place a new regulatory framework which aims in particular to encourage the development and creation of businesses that deal with crypto-currencies and the technology Blockchain.

Developing the digital economy

According to BeITA, the state news agency of belarus, president Alexander Lukashenko has approved a decree for the development of the digital economy. This decree also establishes the use of technology Blockchain, and offers tax benefits to attract businesses. This document will stimulate the development of the technological environment of the country. The government wants to create a special economic zone that will serve as a hub for technology start-ups and financial.


Tax exemption

This new status provides a legal basis for companies involved in the development of intelligent contracts, issuing of tokens, trading, but also the mining of crypto-currency. In fact, all of these activities will be exempt from taxes on income during the next five years. Last July, the country’s central bank has raised the possibility for the national banks to integrate technology into the Blockchain within a system warranty.

Journal of the Corner

In a new report published yesterday, the director of the central bank of Belarus Pavel Kallaur, pointed out that the High Tech park will be the centre of creation of companies of crypto-currency. “Regarding crypto-currencies, this decree will allow for the development of the digital economy and provide an opportunity for businesses to use crypto-currency for the international transactions, which suits us perfectly,” he said.

Source : Coindesk