The Bitcoin is a lot about it on the social networks, especially on Twitter

While the egg becomes a hen, in the case of the volume of discussion on Twitter and the rising price of Bitcoin, things are not quite clear. The dramatic rise in the value of the digital currency has she stimulated the Tweets ? Or is it that the users have pushed more and more the crypto-currency is the most popular in the world, the Bitcoin ? Joe Gits, an analyst at Jared Podnos, said that Twitter takes a clear lead as a space for discussions on new technologies of money.

Here is a detailed analysis showing the volume of discussion on Twitter :

Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs is not known for being an avid user of social networks. However, it has made the buzz by tweeting that it was open to the idea of investing in Bitcoin. This week, Twitter has organized an advertising campaign on a large scale to promote the Bitcoin.

A market in full expansion

As noted by Gits, the scope of Bitcoin exceeds that of its simple price. He indicated that they also observe the influence of this technology on other actions related to the blockchain. Companies such as NVIDIA or AMD are heavily impacted by the increase of products related to mining, he explained.

The influence of Bitcoin is so important that the traditional investors have various notices on this digital currency. Some call it besides fraud. Among them, there is the particular, the boss of JPMorgan.

An effective solution to follow the evolution of the market

The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, has shown that there is a growing interest in crypto-currencies. Many businesses are built using this technology, he added. Thanks to Twitter, the investors can perfectly have the best possible information. Moreover, it will be necessary to analyze each of the data published on these social networks.

Indeed, this sector is very volatile and everything is based on speculation. Thus, each advertisement carried out by the actors of this market will have its importance.

Source : NewsBitcoin