The Bitcoin is currently experiencing a historical decline !

The crypto-currencies today are an alternative investment for many people. Professional or individual to place their money. In recent years, we have seen the development of this sector. It has also enabled some to enrich themselves. However, like other investment products, it is quite irregular. A decrease of 5.8 % was noticed yesterday. The value of one coin is currently of 3,656 usd.

This evolution has been published this Thursday, in the framework of a report on the repression of crypto-currencies by regulators chinese. Another report has already been circulated by this institution in china that has influenced the decision of many investors.

The effects of these reports

Last week, regulators from china have already proposed a discussion with the various stakeholders to negotiate the price of Bitcoin. This has led to the liquidation of nearly 1, 000 dollars worth of Bitcoin, thereby depressing the price of Bitcoin to under $ 3,000. A historical decline.

However, the price of Bitcoin has increased rapidly. Most fans of Bitcoin do not consider repression as a major problem. Josh Olszwicz, a seller of Bitcoin, has confirmed to Business Insider that the report published by the regulator in china has no long-term impact on the value of Bitcoin. In effect, this does not affect the price of Bitcoin.

The future of Bitcoin

Despite this report, the owners of Bitcon are not in the majority past their crypto-currencies. If this publication has influenced the decision of many investors, some have not taken this into account. The core technology of the currency is not affected by these remarks.

In addition, this year, an increase of approximately 429 % was observed. An evolution that will surely reassure investors. The Bitcoin could therefore become a reference currency in a few years.