The Bitcoin will soon be trading on Cboe

The digital currency should be a further step toward integration when it will be negotiated this week on the Cboe, one of the largest exchanges in the world. The CEO of Cboe Global Market stated that in view of the unprecedented interest in this crypto-currency, it is essential to provide customers with the trading tools suitable to assist them to enter effectively on the market.

He explained that the group’s commitment to encourage equity and the liquidity in this market. For this, they are going to propose contracts to users.

Here is the news relayed by TV channel CNBC :

The Bitcoin has won another battle

The decision of Cboe to integrate the Bitcoin among their investment assets is a big win for the digital currency. Also, you should know that the trading of futures contracts of Cboe will begin today.

This Sunday, the market capitalization of Bitcoin stood at almost $ 237 billion, according to CoinMarketCap. The crypto-currency displays a daily turnover of 10 million dollars. The total value of all digital currencies is estimated at over 388 billion dollars.

The Bitcoin will push the other crypto-currencies to the top

Tyler Winklevoss, co-founder of Gemeni Trust Co, a centre for the exchange of digital goods, stated that their next step is to develop a regulated market of derivative crypto-currencies. He stated that they worked for years to build an infrastructure to develop the market of digital assets.

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Cameron Winklevoss, who is considered one of the largest holders of Bitcoin, told Bloomberg News that the rise in the price of Bitcoin this year is only the beginning. He predicts that it will increase up to 20 times. The value of Bitcoin now stands at around 14 000 dollars. Certainly, there has been a slight decrease this Friday, but its price still remains at the top.

Source : TheNational