The Bitcoin will there always be a safe investment or a risky bet ?

The boss of JP Morgan was unequivocal when he addressed the subject of Bitcoin at a conference in New York. He said : “the digital currency was made only for the fraudsters and drug traffickers, and will eventually explode.” Jamie Dimon added that it is not possible to have a business where people can invent a currency outside of the time. He thinks that people who buy the Bitcoins are not really smart.

Only a few days after the declaration of Dimon, the price of Bitcoin has significantly dropped, as the chinese authorities have announced a crackdown on this subject. Since the beginning of the year, the value of a bitcoin has increased from $ 1,000 to nearly $ 5,000.

The interest of buyers is increasing

The evolution of the price of crypto-currencies is quite irregular. Also, the bitcoins today create a real enthusiasm from buyers, partly because of the controversy that there has been in recent weeks. More and more people are considering investing in such virtual currencies.

Most investors say that the application of bitcoins and other crypto-currencies will continue to increase. But, the price spiral should encourage investors to buy ?

The global success of Bitcoin

The renewed attention on Bitcoin has attracted the interest of many people wanting to invest. According to Lex Deak, director-general of Off3r, bitcoins are an alternative investment for many individuals. He says his company regularly receives a large number of requests for information on the crypto-currencies.

The bitcoin has developed since the beginning of the year, with a price now up to more than $ 4,000. However, the question that arises very often in this industry is the security offered by these digital currencies. A topic that increasingly concerned by the current governments.