The blasting underground generates new crybercriminels

Regularly, the news of crypto-currencies is punctuated by the announcement of a new malware undermining of the crypto-currency without the knowledge of internet users. These are particularly the companies that are referred to. Some criminals engrangeraient fortunes in this way. However, as the public authorities claim that crypto-currencies to fund crime or terrorism, this is not good at all… What kind of threats could in some countries be used as a pretext to impose regulatory frameworks that are excessively strict.

The ransomware malware

There are few, ransomware very much affected multinational companies like Saint-Gobain. But the computer world is constantly boiling, these methods cyber-criminal seem to have already done their time. We see from little appear or – rather – spread of malware very discrete contaminant computers… Their goal ? Use the computing power of each device to undermine the crypto-currency without the knowledge of users. Of course, these crypto-assets are pocketed by the criminals at the source of these viruses. This process has made a number of buzz media, including by addressing successfully to YouTube videos or to Tesla. And we could also cite Facebook :

From the point of view of the target, individuals are now significantly less referred to as the companies. The attack usually begins by downloading and installing a software serving as a bait, but hiding in reality a malware, blasting into her womb (or via download underground post). The whole is set in a process system and Windows utility legitimate. A a classic hit in sum. The infection is also difficult to notice and identify. By stopping the process in question, although camouflaged, it is defended by the operating system itself, the computer restarting without deleting anything…

The statistics available

The Kaspersky Lab is particularly interested, lately, to malware mining. Its researchers say the cybercriminals sector typically act in a group. It has been established that the gang has been most active as observed by this institution would have raised close to € 6 million in only 6 months last year… enough To make you dizzy ! But these sums are called to grow in 2018, this technique of hacking for unfortunately to become more democratic… Side anonymity, some criminals prey on the Monero to protect themselves :

In the main case studied by Kaspersky Lab, it was exclusively of the Electroneum that was mined. These items have been disclosed by the analyst Anton Ivanov. In addition, these next few months, the methods of these criminals should be perfected again and again… so be very careful about which programs you download and don’t skimp on the security of your devices !

Source : Schedule !