The Brisbane airport in Australia will authorize payments in crypto-currency

The crypto-currencies are really disrupting the world of finance in the world. And some want to move forward quickly : the evidence with the Brisbane airport in Australia, which is on the point of accepting all payments in virtual currency.

An innovative experience

Some are suspicious of crypto-currencies, others want to regulate them at all costs…but others still want to live with and experience the digital currency. We will soon be using the crypto-currency in the Brisbane airport in Australia. A unique experience in the world that wants to be innovative !

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Because the dream of the owners of Bitcoins and other digital currencies will become reality. In this airport, once passengers have passed the terminal, they may use various digital currencies to pay for a coffee, pay the bill of the restaurant, or to buy products in the shops. Digital currencies accepted will be the Bitcoin of course, but also the Ether and the Dash. And this is obviously only a beginning.

An official announcement

The airport australian from Brisbane has released an official press release to announce the news : “travelers will soon be able to use the system of payment in crypto-currency TravelbyBit, accepting Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum and other digital currencies, for dining and shopping in the stores. “

It is thanks to the system crypto TravelbyBit, which has the mission of promoting Bitcoin and its ilk with travelers, that the experience is possible. The airport has signed a partnership with the platform. The Brisbane airport is very proud to capitalize on the crypto-currency. Roel Hellemons, the development manager, explained : “a Lot of people around the world have earned money by investing in crypto-currencies, and many of these people travel abroad, it is logical, therefore, to provide an experience of digital currency in our terminals. “

The local banks have not wanted to comment on this news, but one can imagine that they are not delighted. Travellers owners of crypto-currencies, meanwhile, will be able to live this experience very soon.

Source : CoinDesk