The Canadians have the wind for miner of Bitcoin

Of canadian investors have decided to invest money and efforts in a business of mining of crypto-currencies in Romania running with the wind. To get there, they have finalized an agreement to acquire a wind farm capable of producing enough energy to provide electricity to over 30,000 households. Moreover, a substantial production of energy is needed to mine crypto-currencies, especially Bitcoin.

Mining of Bitcoin/Geckoandfly

Use the energy of the wind to make the mining of Bitcoin

A canadian company, Transeastern Power Trust, based in Ontario, has concluded an agreement to acquire the wind farm Dorobantu. The company intends to use this wind farm to power facilities, mining of crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin. Transeastern has finalised the acquisition of the 45 MW wind farm through an interim financing short-term of $ 23 million and a funding of 28 million euros of the share of OMV Petrom, the company which developed such infrastructure wind turbines. Carried by the enthusiasm aroused by the project, Transeastern Power Trust has even changed its name to become Transeastern “Blockchain Power” Trust.

The team of Transeastern Power Trust Transeastern Power Trust

A new solid business model

“We believe that we will be the pioneers of a new solid business model, from a utilities company to a holding of crypto-currencies vertically integrated “. These are the words of MJ Colter Eadie, chief executive officer of Transeastern. He also added that the name change and the adoption of a new trade symbol would reflect better the expansion of the company for the mining of crypto-currencies through a 100% renewable energy. According to Transeastern, the installation of mining of crypto-currencies will have a processing power of 90.7 PH/s. This results in the production of about 30 Bitcoins per day.

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