The CEO of a company exchanges of crypto-currencies is abducted in Ukraine

The world of crypto-currencies will never cease to surprise us. After the recent cyber-attacks related to this sector, there is now the kidnapping of it specialist and general manager of a company of exchange of crypto-currency british EXMO, in Kiev, Ukraine. Pavel Lerner, age 40, has been kidnapped by the malefactors on the 26th of December last. Mr. Lerner would also have a number of start-ups related to this technology, including the mining operations.

According to the reports released by the investigators, the CEO of this company has been kidnapped near an ancient street known as the Prospect of Moscow.

The investigations are ongoing

The CEO of EXMO would have been driven into a Mercedes-Benz Vito by unknown assailants. After Strana, Mr. Lerner would have been dragged out by force in a car of the German brand, by unknown assailants wearing black clothes and balaclavas. The research is still ongoing, and investigators are examining all possible options.

If you missed this news, here are the details :

According to BitsMedia, the company headed by Lerner recently issued a statement confirming media reports, adding that they are doing everything possible to help find him. This announcement further provided that the company’s operations were not affected and revealed that he did not have direct access to user data.

Who is Pavel Lerner ?

According to media reports, Ukrainian, Pavel Lerner is the CEO of EXMO, and removal is certainly linked to these activities. He is a native of Kursk, but he lives in Barcelona. On his LinkedIn profile, Lerner lists his work as head of the analytical and trading at EXMO.

The course Lerner is similar to that of the Russian Alexander Vinnik who was the subject of a lawsuit before launching his own company, exchanges of crypto-currencies, called WEX.

Source : NCC